CORE Services Sponsorship Fund


The purpose of the CORE Services Sponsorship Fund is to enable patients in financial and medical need to obtain CORE’s unique services while reducing the negative financial impact to CORE Services.  The Fund is dependent on donations from individuals and from CORE Services, Inc.


Who is eligible?
To be eligible for consideration, the patient must show evidence both medical and financial need. 
The patient must have medical needs, whether physical or emotional, that cannot easily be met by other medical practitioners who are more financially accessible to the patient.  Examples of medical need would be a history of failed treatment by other practitioners or medicines, a specific diagnosis, such as TMD, which is not treated by others in the area. 
The patient must also show evidence of financial need which makes it impossible for the patient to pay some portion or any of the charges.  Examples of financial need would be lack of insurance or insurance that does not provide coverage for treatment needed, and limited income.
Who is not eligible?
Family members and friends of CORE staff will not be eligible for sponsorship funds.
Who determines eligibility for funds?
When a request for a sponsorship is submitted, a committee, appointed by the CORE Services Board of Directors, will review the request based on the eligibility criteria.  The sponsorship committee shall include three independent reviewers, one reviewer in a rehab medical field (to review physical therapy requests), one reviewer in a psychological field (to review psychological services requests) and one reviewer with a financial background to review for financial need.  The sponsorship committee will also include the administrative committee of CORE Services, the president, vice-president and business manager, to provide needed information to the independent committee members.
What expenses will be reimbursable by the sponsorship?
The sponsorship will reimburse CORE Services based on the hours of treatment administered, supplies and equipment used.  CORE Services will be reimbursed at a level to cover the cost of treatment. 

How will a patient be considered for sponsorship?
The interested patient will complete and submit a sponsorship application form to the CORE Services business manager.  The business manager will gather supporting documentation, including contacting the sponsorship candidate if additional information is needed.  The business manager will then notify the sponsorship committee of the request and will call a meeting to make a determination.  If the committee requests further information the business manager will be responsible to gather the information.  A subsequent meeting may be required.  The business manager will notify the patient candidate as soon as administratively possible upon approval, denial or continuance of the sponsorship request.
Information submitted by the patient will be kept strictly confidential according to the requirements of the law.  Independent committee reviewers will be trained with regard to HIPAA compliance and sign confidentiality agreements.  In addition, where possible, the name and identifying information of the patient candidate will be masked prior to presentation to the sponsorship committee.  Once approved for sponsorship funds, the sponsorship patient will be assigned a sponsorship number.  The sponsorship number, rather than the patient’s name, will be used in sponsorship fund financial documentation.  A record of the sponsorship number will be kept in the patient chart.
Financial contributions by the sponsorship patient:
The sponsorship patient may be required to make some financial contribution to their treatment, depending on financial need.  Making a financial commitment, however small, often causes the patient to be more invested in their treatment, yielding better results.  The sponsorship committee will determine the amount of contribution, if any, required by the patient.  The sponsorship patient will be required to comply with the standard $25 late cancellation/no show fee policy.
Contract with approved sponsorship candidates:
Once approved, the sponsorship patient will sign a contract with CORE Services, Inc. stating the duration and frequency of treatment approved by the sponsorship committee and the financial requirement, if any, that will be paid by the sponsorship patient.  In return, the sponsorship patient shall make a commitment to the treatment plan and agree to comply with the plan of care, including a commitment to any exercise program prescribed.  Failure to attend treatment or comply with the plan of care may result in the termination of the sponsorship.
Sponsorship funds:
Donations made to the CORE Services Sponsorship Fund shall be held in a separate bank account with a separate set of books from CORE Services’ main operating funds.  A record shall be kept of the amount of each donation and the person making the donation, sponsorship distributions, an identifying number of the sponsorship patient and an explanation as to hours of care or amount of supplies reimbursed.
The CORE Services business manager shall keep a detailed file of all sponsorship requests, supporting documentation, findings and other communication and documentation relating to the sponsorship fund.  All sponsorship documentation will be treated with confidentiality according to the requirements of the law.  Sponsorship documentation may not be released to any third party but may only be reviewed by CORE Services staff, CORE Services Sponsorship Committee members and the patient or patient guardian requesting the sponsorship.