Conditions Treated

This list contains some of the conditions we treat. For further information about the condition and treatments offered please click the specific condition.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Auto Injuries Back Pain/Injuries

Chronic Pain




Mild traumatic brain injury

Neck Pain / Injuries

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Regional Pain Syndrome

Sports Injuries

Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction


Women's Health Issues including:

  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Pelvic Floor Pain
  • Certain Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Post-Partum Pain
  • Abdominal Adhesions
  • PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Back Pain During or Related to Pregnancy

If the condition for which you are seeking help is not on the list, please contact us and we can let you know: * if we are able to treat the specific condition * additional information about the condition and treatments * the name of another provider if we are unable to provide treatment