Medicare Patients

Why should Medicare patients come to CORE Services, Inc?

  1. We are Medicare Part B providers.
  2. ALL CORE clinicians are fully licensed physical therapists or hold at least a master's degree.
  3. We DO NOT use therapy extenders.
  4. Our clinicians spend the entire appointment focusing on JUST ONE PATIENT.
  5. All initial evaluations are scheduled for 1 hour for more thorough evaluations.
  6. We specialize in complex medical histories and multiple comorbidities.
  7. We understand Medicare therapy caps, when exceptions should be made and how to navigate the exceptions process.
  8. We have a specialized FALL PREVENTION program that focuses on balance and gait training and integrates visual processing and biofeedback.
  9. Our HYDRO TRACK under water treadmill is a hit with our older population with mobility issues. They feel liberated and are thrilled with the weight loss they enjoy.
  10. We have private treatment rooms for all appointments.
  11. Our generous appointment times, one on one approach, and familiarity with highly complex patients mean that our patients do not feel rushed or dismissed.