Evaluation and Treatment of Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex Dysfunction I

Presented by: Dr. Julie Hereford, PT, DPT
October 22-23, 2011
St. Louis, Missouri
This interactive course is designed for rehabilitation professionals who treat patients with injuries, pain and dysfunction of lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Treatment of dysfunction in the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex is most successful when it is tailored to each individual’s unique clinical presentation. Since multiple problems usually coexist (e.g.: stiff joint, unstable joint, poor neuromuscular control, abnormal multi-segmental movement pattern), the most effective treatment consists of a unique combination of alignment techniques and therapeutic exercise that addresses all components of the dysfunctional movement pattern. Participants will identify relevant pathomechanics of lumbar, sacral, pelvic and hip dysfunctions. They will learn to restore zygapophyseal, sacroiliac and hip joint mobility and stability, correct osseous alignment between segments and within the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, restore optimal force closure and control of the neutral zone and retrain integration of local and global systems including functional movement patterns. Physical Therapists will practice hands-on techniques during laboratory sessions and all participants will be asked to share treatment experiences throughout the course.
Participants will:
• Review normal anatomy and kinesiology of the lumbo-pelvic-hip region.
• Better understand the pathomechanics of the lumbo-pelvic-hip region.
• Perform a detailed evaluation of the region and identify and describe various types of dysfunction.
• Perform selected muscle energy techniques for the correction of regional dysfunction.
• Develop appropriate progressive treatment protocols for patients with lumbo-pelvic-hip dysfunction, integrating muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization and myofascial techniques.
• Incorporate self-correction techniques and spinal stabilization and other therapeutic exercises into a treatment program.
• Understand movement pattern dysfunctions and regional interdependence as it relates to development of a treatment plan.
8:00 – 5:00
Normal Anatomy & Biomechanics
Lumbosacral Pathomechanics
Lumbosacral Treatment Techniques
Lumbosacral Treatment Techniques Lab
Lumbosacral Selective Integrative Therapeutic Exercises
8:00 – 4:00
Normal Anatomy & Biomechanics
SIJ & Hip Pathomechanics
SIJ & Hip Treatment Techniques
SIJ & Hip Treatment Techniques Lab
SIJ & Hip Selective Functional Therapeutic Exercises Discussion of Regional Interdependence
Physical therapists; Physical Therapist Assistants; Athletic Trainers
TUITION:  $395 (4 weeks or more prior to course) $420 (less than 4 weeks from course date)
Discounts for multiple class registration: $700 for 2 registrations, $300 for each additional registeration, multiple registrations apply to same person applying for multiple courses, not to multiple persons applying to one course.
Registration includes course outline and handouts and continental breakfast.
Course registration Form
CONTACT HOURS:  15 hours for the two-day program
CANCELLATION POLICY:  Written request for full refund must be made 21 days prior to the course. After this, a refund less a $50 administration fee will be refunded only if your seat is filled.
COURSE LOCATION:  CORE Services, Inc. 7508 Big Bend Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63119
CLASS SIZE:  20 participants; if more than 20 register, an encore course will be scheduled.
For more information call (314) 647-4880 or email info@coreservices.org